9 Types of Harmonious Musical Instruments

Alat Musik Harmonis

Types of musical instruments, can be categorized into several types. For example, with its function, which is divided into rhythmic, melodic, and harmonious musical instruments.

Rhythmic musical instruments generally have only one tone and are used to accompany musical performances. Meanwhile, melodic musical instruments have several scales such as Do, Re, Mi, Fa and so on, which are used as melodies in a song.

Meanwhile, a harmonic musical instrument is a musical instrument that produces more than one tone, and the tones are so melodious when heard. Please note, that all harmonic musical instruments are melodic instruments. However, not all melodic instruments are harmonious instruments.

The following is a summary of these melodic musical instruments.

Variety of Traditional Harmonious Musical Instruments

1. Angklung

01 Angklung

This musical instrument originating from West Java. This musical instrument is quite popular, not only in Indonesia but also in other countries. This utensil is made using material from bamboo, which is cut into several sizes to produce the required tone. Angklung is usually played in groups, resulting in a variety of tonal compositions.

In fact, the uniqueness of this Angklung musical instrument has been heard to foreign countries. So, it is our obligation to introduce the variety of Indonesian cultures to other nations. Like traditional culture you can read on Selasar.com. Check out an example of an article with the theme of Tari Tradisional (Indonesian traditional dance).

2. Bonang

02 Bonang

Bonang is a traditional musical instrument that is included in the Javanese Gamelan set. Generally, Bonang is played simultaneously with Gong or Drum. By first glance, this instrument is similar to a Gong, but the Bonang size is much smaller and the resulting tone is different. The Bonang musical instrument is a harmonious musical instrument, because it is played with 2 wooden sticks covered with rubber or cloth at the ends. This wood is then slapped on the Bonang simultaneously, so that the sound it produces is more than one note.

3. Siter and Celempung

03 Celempung dan Siter

Siter and Celempung are one of the components in Javanese Gamelan, which are played by picking. Although both were picked, the sounds produced by Siter and Celempung were very different. Because Celempung is generally set one octave higher than Siter. In addition, Celempung is also equipped with 11 strings, while SIter only has 13 strings.

4. Gambus

04 GambusGambus is a stringed musical instrument, originally from Riau. This musical instrument adopts a musical instrument from the Middle East, namely Al ‘Ud. In the past, this musical instrument was played singly by fishermen as entertainment in between fishing. However, nowadays, Gambus is mostly used to accompany Tari Zapin.

5. Kecapi

05 Kecapi

The lute is a harmonious musical instrument originating from West Java. You play by plucking the strings, resulting in a variety of tones. Generally, there are 5 scales of Kecapi, namely Da, Mi, Na, Ti, La. The lute instrument is usually combined with the playing of the flute.

6. Kolintang

06 Kolintang

Kolintang is a traditional musical instrument originating from North Sulawesi. This harmonious musical instrument is played by hitting the blade, with 2 or 3 wooden sticks simultaneously. Generally, the wooden slats are in the shape of a rectangle, which is made thin and arranged according to the size and tone issued.

7. Rebab

07 Rebab

The rebab is a harmonious musical instrument originally from the Middle East. Then, this equipment was adopted in West Java and played by rubbing the strings using a bow. The sound of the Rebab comes from 2 or 3 strings, resulting in a harmonious tone.

8. Sampek

08 Sampek

The Sampek is a harmonious instrument of the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan. To play it, it can be done by plucking the strings at the bottom. In general, this passage can be done directly on 2 or 3 of the available strings, resulting in harmonious tones.

9. Sasando

09 Sasando

Sasando is a typical musical instrument from Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara. To play it, it can be done by plucking the strings, 2 or 3 strings, simultaneously. This musical instrument is made of bamboo with a resonant container made of leaves. Generally, a harmonic tone from Sasando is produced because it is equipped with 28 to 58 strings in it.


That was the explanation of the various harmonious musical instruments that the Indonesian nation has. Not inferior to modern musical instruments, traditional musical instruments are still fun to listen to together.

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