Fantastic Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas Stainless Steel to Apply Your Home

Kitchen is where you have to deal with heat, grease, and moisture. One excellent thing to face those troubles is kitchen vent hood ideas. Vent hood comes in various designs and options. They let you pick one that fits your kitchen the most. Avoid shopping vent hood online since you might find one that doesn’t fit the space available in the kitchen.

Planning to find the best vent hood for the kitchen? Then you must first measure the space where the vent hood is going to be placed. Next, consider the interior of your kitchen. Vent hood is a functional ornament that affect your kitchen look. If it doesn’t match the other major elements of the room, it is going to ruin the beauty of kitchen you’ve built. Now it is time to hunt the new vent hood.

Ducted or Vented Modern Hood

Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas

You are able to duct your hood to outside in order to remove irritants completely. If the range hood is mounted to exterior wall, its exhaust duct is going to be shorter yet more efficient. But if that hood is mounted to kitchen island or interior wall, look for hood that’s more powerful. Overall performance and efficiency of vent hood would be influenced by the ductwork installation, so do it carefully.

Recirculated or Duct Free Kitchen Vent Hood

Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas

Talking about duct free vent hood or recirculated vent hood, it is interchangeable. This means the air would be pulled through the charcoal filter in order to trap the irritants before flowing back into your kitchen. If you’re planning to use this kitchen vent hood, you need to be ready in changing the filters once per few months so that your hood would perform effectively. No ducting is required in this case.

Flexible Convertible Vent Hood in Minimalist Design


If you have no idea which vent hood is better between the two options above, consider this third option. this one is letting you to have both of previous options: non-ducted or ducted. If you are attracted to get this vent hood, it will work best if you duct that vent to outside of your kitchen. Don’t forget to install the backdraft damper that prevent the air from going back to your kitchen interior through ductwork.

Chic Kitchen with Simple Undercabinet Vent Hood

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Undercabinet hood attaches to cabinet’s underside, right above kitchen range. This one comes in so many strengths and styles. Besides, some undercabinet hoods are non-ducted while the others are ducted. For a chic themed kitchen with white cabinets, white colored undercabinet vent hood will blend with the other elements beautifully. Add white backsplash for extra chic look.

White Wall Mounted Vent for Stylish Kitchen


The look of wall mounted vent hood is just like the undercabinet vent hood. But instead of attached on kitchen cabinet, this version is attached on kitchen wall. If you own a stylish kitchen with wooden cabinets, marble countertop and backsplash, you will love wall mounted vent hood that the color is similar to your cabinets and backsplash. Some silver touch on the vent hood will match kitchen range.

Cool Chimney Kitchen Vent Hood Ideas

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There are two ways to install chimney vent hood. The first one is for kitchen with no island: mount the chimney vent hood to kitchen wall, right above kitchen range. Another option is for kitchen island: mount your chimney vent hood on ceiling, above your kitchen island. This vent hood doesn’t work if there are cabinets over your kitchen range. Remove the cabinets first to let your vent hood woks properly.