Denmark’s Center-Left Coalition Wins Election Majority

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But her reputation was battered in a fiasco rooted in a government order to cull the country’s mink population over coronavirus fears. A parliamentary commission later found that the move was illegal at the time and said officials mislead the public. Pressure from the Social Liberals, a crucial government ally, led her to call the election.

Ms. Frederiksen’s resignation officially kicked off a process in which she and other party leaders will need to negotiate with each other and meet with Queen Margrethe II before a prime minister is nominated.

“The whole discussion will now be: How will she negotiate with the other parties?” Mr. Hansen said, pointing to Ms. Frederiksen’s promise to bridge divides across the political spectrum. Under her leadership, he said, climate change policy might become more left-leaning, military spending might increase and strict controls on immigration would stay in place.

“We will see a prime minister that will be working across the middle,” he said.

Another new party, the right-wing Denmark Democrats — founded by Inger Stojberg, a former immigration minister who was sentenced to two months in jail for illegally ordering the separation of some asylum-seeking couples — also gained 14 seats. On the other hand, other right-wing parties, including the far-right, populist Danish People’s Party, lost ground, with key lawmakers joining the Denmark Democrats instead.

The end result, analysts said, rested more on which leader voters preferred to steer the country rather than jarring differences in policies.

“I don’t have any allegiance to one party or one ideology in general,” said Mats Greve Hansen, 24, a master’s student of international business, who was outside a polling station on Tuesday who made up his mind just before voting.

After following television debates and taking online tests to see which candidate he agreed with the most, he ultimately voted for a candidate from the Moderates party.


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