How to Make Beautiful Design Bathroom Vanity with Sink?

Do you think your bathroom needs a new bathroom vanity with sink? Then there would be two options: buying the new vanity and sink then let the expert install it for you or building your own bathroom vanity without hiring the pro. Whichever your choice is, you’ll need to learn some important things first. Like understanding how to find the best one for modern or traditional bathroom.

It is important to get bathroom vanity and sink that matches your interior design. It is a big element that will destroy your bathroom beauty if you don’t choose it carefully. However, the look is not the only thing you must learn about choosing the right vanity and sink. There are some other crucial things you must know before installing bathroom vanity and its sink. Here are those details you must know.

Built-In Bathroom Vanity and Sink for Spacious Room

For those who have bigger bathrooms, built in vanity is more recommended option. It usually offers extra countertop storage and space. Double bathroom vanity with two sinks will be good in bigger bathroom. Just make sure you double the ornaments as well like double mirror and double wall sconces to make the room looks more balance and beautiful.

Consider the Existing Things Before Installing New Vanities


Some other things you better keep in your mind are the existing features like electrical outlets, switches, and mirrors. Plumbing location must be considered as well. Plumbing location is going to determine the single vanity width that fits your bathroom. Moving the plumbing is going to make you waste more money. So, make sure you choose vanity sink depends on the location of your bathroom plumbing.

Where Are You Going to Place the Vanity?

Standard rule to build ideal bathroom vanity is easy to remember. You need to give 18 inches or more space between the right side or left side of your bathroom vanity edge to your toilet center. You’re free to place your bathroom vanity and its sink on left or right side of the toilet. Just make sure that you follow the rule when building the new vanity. It helps providing comfort to everyone using the toilet.

Making Bathroom Vanity in Ideal Size

You have to find the right sizes not only for the cabinets of vanity but also for the tops of vanity cabinet. Consider the storage you’ll need and the persons who are going to use the vanities. Standard height of countertop is just 31 inches. However, taller adults would need higher countertops. If your kids are going to use the vanities, you’ll want to build one in shorter model so children can use it easily.

Adding Vanity Top to Vanity Cabinet

When it is time to add vanity top to your vanity cabinet, you have to measure the space available for your countertop. Measure both depth and width of your vanity cabinet first. Your vanity countertop must be one inch deeper and also one inch wider compared to your vanity cabinets. Then start building the countertop from any material you prefer; it can be marble or wood or another material.

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