Shell is heading to the Arctic, and the Kayaktivism movement is growing. The public outcry against Shell’s plans to drill in the Chukchi Sea is growing louder – and now you can join us and show your solidarity!

Seattle residents have taken to the water to protest Shell in their backyard and drilling in the Arctic. Now, as the Polar Pioneer and Noble Discover journey towards Arctic waters, we’re going to keep that momentum going and ask folks to join them by floating in many different ways.

Join Us

Our coalition is unified in our opposition to Shell’s plans to destroy the Arctic, and together we are holding a national day of action so that people everywhere can participate in and feel a part of the kayaktivism movement!

Check out the map below to find a float in your region. Just like in Seattle, people from all walks of life will be coming together to “float” and show their opposition to drilling in the Arctic Ocean!

ShellNO is the call to arms. Together, we can show the world that America is united in its opposition to Arctic Ocean drilling. The Arctic Ocean is one of the most unique marine ecosystems in the world. Many of America’s most beloved marine creatures thrive here, including whales, seals and countless birds. Shell’s drilling rigs might be heading to the Arctic, but there is still time to stop this madness. We can keep the momentum going and tell President Obama’s to put an end to Arctic drilling.

Join us.

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